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If you need to contact us, please use the phone numbers listed below:

Referral Department/New Patients         Phone: 559-492-5749      Fax:  559-492-5830
Patient Appointments/Scheduling           Phone: 559-319-8200      Fax:  559-319-8284
Business Office/Billing Department         Phone: 559-319-8298      Fax:  559-319-8213

Accepting New Patients With No Referrals Required


Shaukat Ali, MD

Direct Phone: 559.319.8210
Direct Fax: 559.439.1740

Robert Chambers, MD

Direct Phone: 559.319.8215
Direct Fax: 559.439.0819

Jagroop Basraon, DO

Direct Phone: 559.319.8260
Direct Fax: 559.319.8234

Jaswant Basraon, DO

Direct Phone: 559.319.8220
Direct Fax: 559.439.0819

Usman Javed, MD

Direct Phone: 559.319.8230
Direct Fax: 559.431.6747

Rimvydas Plenys, MD

Direct Phone: 559.319.8240
Direct Fax: 559.439.6164

Shradha Rathi, MD

Direct Phone: 559.319.8250
Direct Fax: 559.492.5788

Dalpinder Sandhu, MD

Direct Phone: 559.319.8270
Direct Fax: 559.319.8226

John Telles, MD

Direct Phone: 559.319.8280
Direct Fax: 559.439.1458

Alfred Valles, MD

Direct Phone: 559.319.8290
Direct Fax: 559.439.4308