A Message from our Founder

Robert D. Chambers, M.D.

“Greetings from The Heart Group.

The past 40 years have seen a remarkable improvement in cardiovascular care.

When we first started our group in 1970, our patients who had heart attacks would be hospitalized for weeks and frequently were limited in returning to work and performing normal activities for months. In our current era, patients with similar diagnosis are able to be treated in a much shorter time frame and are able to return to their usual activities in a timely manner. This success has even been extended in some cases to heart valve replacement and pacemakers.

As the care of our patients evolved so did we.

Realizing early that we needed to continue to add breadth to our group, we focused extensively on recruiting subspecialty trained cardiologists so that we would preserve our position as the vanguard of cardiac care.

Our efforts have culminated in a cardiac subspecialist team that is now one of the largest integrated provider of cardiac services from Sacramento to Los Angeles.

So welcome to our group and meet our team.”