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Aspirin and Heart Disease

When should you take daily aspirin? If you've had a heart attack or stroke: Taking a low-dose aspirin a day is an important part of your treatment. It can help you prevent another heart attack or stroke. If you haven't had a heart attack or stroke: Taking an aspirin a day may...

COVID-19 Update – Patient Only Restriction

The rapid acceleration of COVID-19 requires we take additional precautions to ensure patient and staff safety. Please note at this time we have a...

Read Our Physicians Recommendations for Aspirin Use

Dear valued patient, Recently there has been confusion regarding the use of aspirin to prevent heart attack or ischemic stroke and we have received multiple...

Dr. Usman Javed Shutting MR Down

Dr. Usman Javed of The Heart Group shutting MR down. Dr. Oji Oji proved great imaging today at Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital. It’s...